At its New York base, the EHF has developed an ambitious and comprehensive art/event program that draws on its rich history, art collection, and archive grounded in Fluxus, Concept Art, Mail Art, and Performance Art. Artworks from the EHF collection are regularly lent to temporary exhibitions worldwide, and the EHF archive is open to scholars. The Emily Harvey Foundation art program concerns itself with supporting ideas resistant to frameworks of easy legibility. Its emphasis is on giving voice, and momentary material form, to discursive and process-based practices. In this historical moment, much of what we do would be impossible, and unfeasible at almost any other site. Show by show, we aim to nurture experimental, collaborative and cross-disciplinary approaches, while generating a spectrum of alternatives to other more solid contexts for contemporary practice.

Coming Events

Activities will resume as soon as possible, in the light of the coronavirus crisis.

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