2016 - the Emily Harvey Foundation (NY) - 537 Broadway, NY NY 10012

Gordon Matta-Clark / Conical Intersect / Oct. 1975 / Paris

Photos / Video / Marc Petitjean
Performance / Freydelyne Charles

Friday, Dec. 30, 7:00 pm

In 1975, Marc Petitjean was already taking pictures of a building on rue Beaubourg, Paris, across the street from where he lived, when he met Gordon Matta-Clark who was looking for a site to realize his Conical Intersect : he suggested to him this very building which was about to be destroyed.

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Archivio Emily Harvey (Venezia) - San Polo, 387, 30125 Venezia

Dicembre 2016
Vernissage: sabato, 3 Dicembre, ore 18:00

Leporelli Veneziani

a cura di Berty Skuber

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