The Emily Harvey Foundation presents:

Apr. 24, 7pm sharp
2-film screening conceived by Erik Moskowitz + Amanda Trager that highlights expanded notions of story-telling, the interview and the talking-head.

Jeffrey Perkins, Burt, 2005 / Video, color (57 min.)
A one-shot interview with a friend - a former drug dealer to the stars in Hollywood, CA.

Erik Moskowitz + Amanda Trager, Two Russians (In The Free World), 2013 / Video, color (30 min.)
Can the improbable union between a maverick Russian billionaire and an moneyless performance artist possibly survive? Two Russians (In The Free World) presents a dialogue between two men, while posing a deeper question: Why and for whom do artists create? Representing a range of transactions and exchanges, the video explores allegorical and utopian connections between artistic inspiration, love and the marketplace. The narrative telescopes out to include the story of its own making as the actual artist/filmmakers depict themselves debating plot line and meaning as well as the virtues (or lack thereof) of their collaboration. But are they really the ones in control? The mysterious presence of three women suggest otherwise.

Jeffrey Perkins is an artist and filmmaker who has worked in relative obscurity for over four decades, having collaborated in the 1960s with Fluxus artists including George Maciunas, Yoko Ono, and Alison Knowles. Until recently he was best known for his light projection performances and his Movies for the Blind (based on sound recordings of interviews with passengers in his cab). He recently completed a documentary, The Painter Sam Francis, an endeavor that was itself 40 years in the making. He continues to do performance art, most recently at X-Initiative and Daniel Reich Gallery in New York, and his artwork was most recently on view at Front Desk Apparatus Space in New York. In Part One of this two-part interview, Perkins discusses his life and work in the 60s and 70s.

Moskowitz + Trager are Brooklyn-based visual artists who make narrative-based, audio-visual installation. The video element of their work features characters whose voices are absent, replaced by dubbed singing to a ventriloquized effect. Their own collisions and harmonies as married, collaborating artists further informs their narrative dialectics. Two Russians (In The Free World), a work in progress, premiered earlier this year at the Rotterdam Film Festival. It was also part of a solo screening at the Pompidou Center and at The Showroom (London). It will be presented in its finished form next year at Participant, Inc. (NYC)

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